Step 1: Comb hair back, wet if needed. Determine at this time if there will be some disconnect, if so use no guide. Also determine how much of an angle in front to create desired length of the pomp.

Step 2: Determine length and choose appropriate tool to achieve look, weather it be shears, scissor over comb or clipper over comb. Cut nape and around perimeter as a taper or cut from nape to occipital on to each side as a fade. This will then make it disconnected or blended. Continue upward to then blend crown and sides to the top. You will cut at 45, 90 and 180 degrees in this cut.

Step 3: The hair above the horseshoe part is all cut at 180 degree with more angle in front vertically. The crown area should then be shorter than the front. Take one inch radial sections to check for balance. Using trimmers, detail neckline and perimeter of cut.

Step 4: Add gel to set then blow dry with vent brush working hair back. Using a small round brush over direct straight down or at an angle (if using an angle hold the opposite direction desired when it is brushed back).

Step 5: To finish apply a pomade. Work throughout top and direct back.


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