Footballer Cut with Hard Part

Footballer Cut with Hard Part

Step 1: Wash or wet the hair then comb through and assess to find the natural part, if none, create one. Add gel and blow dry to hold the part and overall style.

Step 2: Using trimmers, proceed to cut in part. The part can look a number of ways depending on shape of head and desired length and width of the part itself.

Step 3: Choose clipper guard to desired length and cut from nape to occipital in an upward fluid motion directing clippers toward you as you end each pass to keep from creating divots. Continue to each side. Change clipper guard to larger length to create graduation and blending as you work your way up, fade it all the way to the part (this side will be shorter than the other.) On opposite side, leave length by over directing. Cut using clippers, scissor over comb or clipper over comb from horseshoe section and blend side. You may also use texturizers for further fine tuning.

Step 4: The top section is both disconnected and blended so that length can be achieved. From crown, cut at 90 degree angle to blend the crown and top sections until round with head. At 180 degrees trim entire top. Over direct slightly was you work toward the fringe section. Take radial sections to check for balance. Using trimmers detail neck line and perimeter of cut.

Step 5: To finish, apply product to emphasize cut. Comb over and back through the hair concentrating on the length since hard part exists.


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