Finding the perfect unique and iconic style for each of your clients is what the 5 Step Iconic Styling is all about.  Learn the rules to the perfect consultation to determine what makes each client special and what will that iconic look, from understanding face shape, texture, lifestyle and career you can then use the right tools to design and create the finished look.

You will learn:

  • Iconic consultation tips to have every client be unique
  • Understanding hair recognition for every clients unique design
  • Tools to create the design and finish to master iconic profitability

Advanced Barber Techniques

Advanced techniques begin with Iconic Training, The Iconic Barber Team teaches the techniques that separate a good barber from a great barber and how the tools create the looks you desire.  Shears vs. clippers, shear over comb clipper over comb, point clicking with blades the extra details that keep men coming back and more.

You will learn:

  • Tips on how to grow your business as a male grooming expert
  • Gain confidence with all the tools to achieve great results
  • Learn the secrets to keep your male clients coming back